UPSC / IAS Preparation Notes: Gaurav Agrawal

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Dear friends

As I promised and always intended, I am uploading here all my online notes for various papers of the IAS / UPSC exam. You may find some overlap here and there and some unstructured portions as well, but please forgive me for that. It has been a long journey with a lot of distance to cover so quality may have been compromised in some notes. Anyways, my idea here is to give all I have and help as many as I can in their journeys. Also, if anyone has any doubt or query regarding or whatever and wants to communicate with me, I am open for communication here in comments and also on my email: … If I can inspire and help even anyone of you to their destination, I would believe my purpose would be served. I promise I would reply to each and every single…

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UPSC Prelims 2014 CSAT Paper 2 Answer Key

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This is the answer key for Set B.

Friends, each year, after the exam, there is a substantial confusion regarding answer keys – various answer keys don’t match and students are left in confusion. So this year, me and Prem Ranjan ji (IAS rank 62, cse 2013) ( ) have tried to come up with the following key after doing as much internet research as we could. Still there might be some grey areas and we are open for discussing these.


My personal opinion on the paper, passages I found it substantially tougher than last year.


Disclaimer: There is no guarantee for accuracy.


Himalayan Passage

Q 1.                     (a)

Para 2 says possible loss of genetic species. Extinction of ecosystems is nowhere talked. Only decrease in ecosystem services is talked about.


Q 2.                    (d)

Last paragraph tells us the need for …


Q 3.                     (c)


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एक दिन ढलती शाम ने पूछा, मेरे ख़ुशी के सबब को,,
मैंने कहा पुरी दुनिया झुकती होगी, मगर मै नहीं मानता तेरे अदब को,,
युवा हूँ, आगे बढ़ना है मेरा काम, सफल होकर झुका दूंगा एक दिन सबको।।